This kit eliminates tight cables, cables that bind and eliminates cables breaking during a race. This kit is made of the highest quality materials needed for racing. This is a direct replacement for the ARS shock cables. As racers, we have experienced  all the above problems in the past and needed a solution to this problem so we designed this replacement cable system that will work with all of your existing ARS components but with out the problems of tight spots and binding. You can also interchange certain components between shock companies also. For example you can use your ARS adjuster knob with a PENSKE shock and a PENSKE knob with an ARS shock.


As racers we know that these parts need to be affordable yet durable and we think we have accomplished that through track testing and the price list below.


1-compete kit includes:

1- Adjuster end  /  1- Shock end  /  4- Set screws

1- Quick pin  /  3 - 2 pcs. Clear vinyl tubing  /  1 length of adjuster cable

4 kit - $46

6 kit - $52

Hardware only (no cable) - $32

( Cannot use TQ FIBERGLASS gift certificate for purchase) 

Custom length kits upon request.

Cable - $3.50 per foot.

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