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New style hood with hidden snorkel and air outlets on sides.
The snorkel will get cool fresh air into the injection while the air outlets on the sides get the hot air out of your motor area.
The hood is pictured on a 2004 J&J chassis but will work on other types of chassis also including Super Sportsman chassis.
Please check the dimensions at the bottom of the page to see if this hood will fit your application.
This hood is to be with the TQN007 nose. This hood and nose requires a stand up radiator to be used.

Part # - TQH007
(Back Only)
Price - $ 252.00

Above photos are taken on a 2004 J&J Chassis and A 2007 Shark Chassis 


Width where down tubes go through hood - 26 7/8"

Total length on bottom of hood - 40"

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